About Us


The clinic is run by Kevin Poynter, a Registered Osteopath and member of the General Osteopathic Council. This is the statutory body which governs all osteopaths and is there to ensure that you are "safe in our hands". Kevin was first impressed with osteopathy when as a teenager he suffered headaches and was finally cured by his local osteopath. He has been motivated since then by the desire to help others in the same way.

He qualified after four years study at the British School of Osteopathy and worked at the college before starting several local practices. He now sees patients only at the Biggleswade Clinic.

As well as his osteopathic skills and experience he gained a qualification in Chinese medicine following three years study at the London School of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. Chinese medicine has developed over thousands of years and as a result of his study Kevin is able to use this extra understanding and skill to expand his osteopathic practice when helping people.

Kevin has over 30 years invaluable experience of seeing and helping a wide variety of problems, so you can be fairly certain that no matter how baffling your problem seems to you, he has probably seen it before and will know what to do to help!


Opening Hours

The clinic is open most week days between 8 am and 6pm. The first appointment is usually 9am (9.15 for new patients) and the last appointment is 5.30pm for treatments (or 5.15pm for new patient consultations)



The cost of each appointment is £45

We are unable to accept card payments at the moment but can accept cash and cheques or you arrange a bank transfer.



We have a legal obligation to retain your medical records for 8 years after your most recent appontmnet (or age 25, if this is longer), but after this priod you can ask us to delete your records if you wish. Otherwise, we may retain your records indefinitely in order that we can provide you with the best possible care should you need to see us at some future date.

 We will never share your data with anyone who does not need access without your written consent. Only the following people will have routine access to your data:

  • your practitioner(s) in order that they can provide you with treatment
  • Our recetion staff, because they organise the practitioners' diaries, and coordinate appointments and reminders (but they do not have access to your medical history or sensitive personal information)
  • Other administrive staff, such as our bookkeeper. Again, administrive staff will not have access to your medical notes, just your essential contact details.

Provided we have your consent, we may occassionally send you general health information in the form of articles, advice or newsletters. We may use a printing service for this. You may withdraw your consent at any time - just let us know


Catchment Area

After 30 years of working locally, our patients are, as you might expect, mainly local people from the Biggleswade, Sandy, Potton, Dunton, Gamlingay, Langford, and Shefford areas.



We are sometimes asked what the difference between chiropractors and osteopaths is. There is no short answer to this and both osteopaths and chiropractors treat the same types of problems and have similar origins. At Biggleswade Osteopathic Clinic we find patients that have had chiropractic treatment previously are very pleased with what we do, so we must be doing something right!

We Help.....

  • Back and neck pains
  • Muscle spasm
  • Sciatica
  • Arthritic pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Nerve pain
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Joint pains

.....and more

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